Month: December 2015

I Can’t Lose Belly Fat, Why

If you can’t lose belly fat, you’re going to want to know why. After all, excess belly fat, apart from looking unsightly, can cause a number of serious health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

There are 3 main reasons why you can’t lose belly fat. You can choose to ignore them and do nothing about it, or you can start taking action today and begin you journey to healthier, fitter, and ultimately, a happier you.

1. You’re Eating A Poor Diet

A diet of processed and fast food is not good for you. The odd treat now and again is OK, but if you’re regularly eating processed and fast food, you will not lose that unwanted fat around your waistline. A healthy diet consists of foods that are high in protein and low in simple carbohydrates. These include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein like chicken, turkey, tuna, fish and eggs.

Also, the type of food you eat is not the only reason that you can’t lose belly fat. How much you eat, in other words, portion control, is also important. One trick many people use is to put food on a smaller plate. It tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating more than you actually are.

2. You’re Not Doing Any Exercise

A major contributor to the difficulty of losing belly fat is an inactive lifestyle. Regular exercise will help you lose unwanted fat. But, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to sweat it out in the gym for hours everyday. There are many different exercises that you can do. You just have to find the ones that you enjoy doing.

Simple activities such as walking, jogging or swimming will start burning off excess fat. Try different activities, schedules and frequencies so that you can do exercise that you will enjoy. If you keep to a regular routine, and start to eat a healthy diet, you should start to see results in a couple of weeks.

3. You’ve Got Bad Genes

Your genetic makeup is the hardest to manage. If your body builds up belly fat based on your DNA structure, all you can do is try to control it the best you can through a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise.

But don’t be tempted to blame all your excess belly fat on your genes. The amount of fat in your body is also there because of the food you eat and the amount physical activity that do, or don’t do, on a regular basis. It will mean you’ll have to work a little harder to lose your belly fat than other people to see the same results, but it can be done through persistence and commitment.

Smoothie To Lose Weight Fast

It’s always been a common perception that anything sweet and sinfully tasty must certainly be a natural foe of weight loss. Contrary to popular belief, something like the ever cooling and tasty Smoothies are actually great for shedding those extra, ungainly pounds of weight. Simply because it is all in the ingredients that one puts into the making of these smoothies! A smoothie can be calorie-controlled to be an ideal food for losing weight that is extremely mouth-watering at the same time. Nutritionally, one can also select prime nutrient-rich ingredients to give it a perfect balance of taste, calories and nutrition.

Right off the bat, it is so easy to tank up on your knowledge of the right, ideal ingredients to use in making that incredible weight loss smoothie of your personal choice. All in the right balance of nutrients and specific calorie content. Nothing in excess. Just a perfect formula containing the right proportions of healthy fats, proteins, complex carbohydrates, and the essential vitamins and other nutrients. On top of that, if it’s extra energy that you need to add a bit of zest into your steps, choose the right ingredients that will serve to whip up that bit of extra power you’re looking for. Again without adding more calories.


You can easily boost your weight loss in many delightful ways whilst savoring the flavors of your favorite smoothies. Smoothies are always characterized by their creamy richness and smoothness. This comes from using ingredients like avocado, which has ample healthy fats besides having a high content of vitamins and minerals. Then you have your full choice of berries to choose from. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries – they all high low in calories and sugar but high in fiber content. Most importantly, they are really rich in antioxidants to promote general well-being and overall health.

Once you’ve got the main game plan going, enrich your smoothies the right way with other incredible ingredients like cayenne pepper that helps to boos weight loss while adding a bit of spice to your concoction. Then add in some Chia seeds which are also great for weight loss due to their high fiber and protein content which make you feel full. Not forgetting nutrients like calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids that they are known for. Worried about the excessive blood glucose in your body? Sprinkle a dash of Cinnamon into your weight loss smoothie and the improved metabolizing of the glucose will help to regular blood sugar levels.

Fun and Easy Ways For Fast and Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is the way to go if you want results- fast! The first thing you have to remember in your weight busting journey is to skip the fad diets. Pounds lost from fad diets don’t stay off for long. Choose to lose weight the healthier way and you’ll be satisfied with the fitness results. According to health and fitness counselor Katherine Tallmadge, RD, “Sticking to a healthy diet and doing lots of exercise can make you lose 3 or more pounds a week, and it is safe weight loss”.

For a week of exercising wherein you burn 500 calories more than what you eat, you’ll be able to lose 1 to 2 pounds. The equation is simple. If you want fast weight loss, you have to eat less and exercise more. For example, if you take in 1,050 to 1,200 calories a day from the foods that you eat and exercise for 1 hour every day, you can lose 3 to 5 pounds or more during the first week if you weigh 250 lbs or more. You have to keep your safety in mind. Cutting out more calories above this range could be dangerous.

Eat Less Salty Foods and Starches

Fast weight loss also results from eating less salty foods and starches. It’s weight lost from fluids, not fat. “When you reduce sodium and cut starches, you reduce fluids and fluid retention, which can result in up to 5 pounds of fluid loss when you get started,” commented Dr. Michael Dansinger, host of the NBC show “The Biggest Loser”.

Here are more tips for fast weight loss as suggested by Dansinger:

Limit eating added sugars, starches and animal fat from dairy foods and meat. Consuming more fruits and veggies, soy products, egg whites, fish, skinless poultry breasts, shellfish, 95% lean meat and non-fat dairy foods results to rapid weight loss.

Author Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, whose work includes “The Flexitarian Diet” gave the following tips:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables so that you’ll feel full
  • Drink copious amounts of water
  • Store healthy foods at home, keep the junk foods away
  • Keep yourself busy, avoid eating just because you’re bored.
  • Don’t graze in front of the fridge. Eat your meal in a plate and while seated at the table.
  • Eat regularly, no meal-skipping.

Keep A Food Journal

Keep a journal for the foods that you eat. Note down all the foods that you’ve eaten in your journal. It’ll help you stay on track in your weight loss plan. You don’t have to write it down in a notebook or a piece of paper. Even if you jot down all that you’ve munched on a napkin and throw it away, the act of writing it down signifies your accountability for yourself. It is an effective tool for healthy weight loss.

Although results may not be as drastic as you think, it still makes sense to lose weight healthily. At 2-3 pounds weight loss a week, you could lose 30 pounds in 3 months, plus it will make you feel good because your body isn’t deprived of essential nutrients. Following these fun and easy ways for healthy weight loss, you’ll have the body of your dreams in no time.

Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss You Need To Know

Consumption of fewer calories than you burn can lead to instant weight loss on any diet type. Most vegetarians who are keen on weight loss mainly focus on taking in whole foods and fresh vegetables. Nevertheless, in order for a vegetarian to quickly lose weight, moderate calories intake and body exercise is still required. Basically, a vegetarian diet should follow exactly the same healthy eating protocol as a diet that includes meat. It is quite difficult for a vegetarian to come up with a healthy meal plan. The most important thing is to ensure that you get enough nutrition with fewer calories. However, a vegetarian diet doesn’t always promise weight loss.

Vegetarian Diet Types

Elimination of likely high calorie foods such as fatty meats and processed meat is one of the advantages of a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet does not contain animal flesh and even in some cases any animal products. Consumption of dairy products, eggs and plants foods is known as a lacto-ovo vegetarian. A lacto vegetarian only consumes dairy products and no eggs. An ovo-vegetarian consumes only eggs, but no dairy products. A vegan is one who only consumes plant foods. All these types of vegetarians can lose weight. However, ovo-lacto vegetarian needs to be particularly attentive to avoid baked delicacies made with eggs and butter and full fat dairy.

Vegetarian Weekly Meal Plan Weight Loss


Poached egg, grilled tomatoes and whole meal toast – 195 calories

Shredded wheat and a small banana with skimmed milk – 255 calories

Bagel (Wholegrain), cream cheese and a tomato – 250 calories

Bowl of fruit salad with a banana milkshake – 260 calories

Milk preferably skimmed, branflakes and a banana – 255 calories

Scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes and 1 slice whole meal toast – 280 calories

Baked Beans, grilled tomatoes, 2 slices whole meal toast and grilled mushrooms – 380 calories


6 tbsp cottage cheese, fat free dressing and 1 jacket potato – 295 calories

Lettuce, raisins, sliced apple, pineapple and cottage cheese with low fat (Tropical salad) – 330 calories

Tomato sandwich and hard-boiled egg with low fat mayo – 340 calories

Toast, baked beans with 1 tbsp cheddar – 370 calories

Mixed bean salad – 435 calories


1 Small pack of low fat crisps – 100 calories

Crispbreads with thinly spread Nutella – 122 calories

Toast (Wholegrain) with honey – 109 calories

Vegetable soup with a slice of wholegrain toast – 175 calories

Sunflower seeds – 185 calories

Fruit salad Bowl and low fat yoghurt – 165 calories

Almond nuts with no salt – 195 calories


Always keep in mind when ordering a vegan meal that most restaurants saturate their food with oil, sugar and salt. In case you are trying to lose weight, be cautious about ordering oil free foods like steamed rice or vegetable salad that is sprinkled with lemon juice. However, just because some food items are vegetarian does not mean that they consist of low calories. Vegan pizzas and cookies normally have high amounts of calories and could sabotage your weight loss plan. Find the best vegetarian diet to lose weight fast